Bob Gassman


I’ve been fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan for 30+ years. The introduction of non-native exotic species and reduced stocking programs have made it tougher to get limit catches the last few years. This made me look for tips, techniques, and tackle used by West Coast anglers that I could use here. It was on that quest that got me talking to Bobby Loomis about how we troll here with herring strips. He asked if I ever tried trolling with sardine fillets, and when I said no, he gave me Nate’s contact info.

I ran Nate’s sardines on meat rigs and used them cut up inside Brad Cut Plugs. The combination of the Brad Cut Plug and Nate’s sardines caught more fish than everyone else that was using the canned tuna that Brad recommends using in his lures. I consistently caught more and larger salmon using Nate’s sardines all season long.

Bob Gassman
Vernon Hills, IL

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