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Hi Nate,

John Beckett here from Nootka Marine Adventures. Hope that you are doing well and that you had a good summer. As you probably recall, I got some of your bait brine from you at the start of the summer. I got the blue, green and clear (pink) herring and anchovy brines and used them a lot on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Nootka Sound area. I must report that they were absolutely outstanding for both Kings and Silvers, as well as hammering the halibut and other bottomfish. I have been fishing that area for over 30 years and have never used special brines before. These were amazing. Sometimes I would fish one side of the boat with one of the brines, and the other side using the same bait but without the brine. The brined bait always outfished the non-brined bait. Other times I would fish one side of the boat with one color of brine, and a different color of brine on the other side. They all fished equally well, but there is no doubt at all that the bait with your brine dramaticly outfished the non-brined bait.

I wanted to pass this info on to you about how it fishes up here on Vancouver Island, but I’m sure that you already anticipated these results.

Good fishing and best regards,
John Beckett

Nootka Marine Adventures

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