Shane Sanders

To whom it may concern:

Hi my name is Shane Sanders. I am a professional fishing guide on the Kenai Peninsula and have been for the last 12 years. I have been living here and fishing up here since 1982.

I would like to talk about Nate’s bait. In all the years I have been fishing for salmon and trout I have never used or seen a product cure that can give the presentation or final results that Nates products can. I first started using Nates salmon egg cure in 2003 on a recommendation from another guide. From that moment on I have not had any desire to use any other salmon egg cure. Not only do the eggs last twice as long as any salmon egg cure Ive ever used, I could not believe how many more fish my clients started catching.

After I started having so much success with Nates salmon cure. I was told about his other products. I knew the next thing I needed to do was to get ahold of the man himself. I first met Mr. Hunemiller my self while on vacation in Oregon. This meeting lasted for at least 3 hours, with myself asking question after question and Nate stepped me through all the curing processes of all his cures as I have seen him do with anyone who asked so in the last few years.

I am now a firm believer in all of Nates products, I also use all of his products that pertain to the type of fishing I do, Salmon egg cure, herring cure, sardine cure and prawn cure and I would recommend any of his products fisherman around the world. I have been running Nates sponsorship boat on the Kenai for five years and would do it for another five with out a doubt.

Shane Sanders
Alaska Clearwater Sportfishing Inc.

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