Mike Hyneman

Go Beav's Fish

On Sunday April 25th I was fishing the Willamette River in Oregon. We were about a quarter mile upstream from the entrance of the Multnomah Channel. The channel along with the Columbia River form the 24,000 acre Sauvie Island that is world famous for Water Foul and Fishing. We were trolling water with varying depths between 15 and 60 feet.We were using KoneZone Flashers and Plug Cut Herring cured with Nate’s Bait Red Herring Cure at 14 pulls. While most fisherman will reel them in and change bait in the same fashion every time. I decided to hesitate a moment and look at the action of the flasher and the bait trailing six feet behind. I was using a commemorative “Go Beav’s” Black flasher with Flame Orange on the front and Silver on the back. It sports the school colors of the Oregon State Beavers. I was admiring the look and suddenly 5 feet down there was a Springer swarming the flasher. I exclaimed, “What the H…” and Ryan McRobert of Best Weigh Guide service looked down and said, Wow. We both were mesmerized for a split second and then the King Salmon ripped toward the Plug Cut Herring. Instantly the bait disappeared and I leaned toward the fish giving it more line. Suddenly the Custom Rain Shadow Rod sprang to life and the Shimano Tekota Line Counter 500 sang while the King took a 165 foot run. It is very rare to see a King Salmon take a Plug Cut Herring and almost unheard of with a Springer. We truly are blessed and live in a remarkable part of the world.

God Bless America,
Mike Hyneman

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